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The Future of DEI: Raceless Anti-Race(ism)

In a time where nationwide, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training and programs are being reevaluated, reformed or removed, many industries, institutions, and leaders are finding themselves at a crossroads. In this light 901 Consulting is rising to the occasion by creating a transformational and innovative approach to advancing the principles of diversity and inclusion centered on a human and holistic approach.  We have adopted the theory of raceless anti-racism, championed by scholar Dr. Sheena Mason, and integrated our JEI Facilitation into a learning and training development program. 

JEDI Facilitation 

Complementing raceless anti-racism, the JEDI Facilitator approach offers a structured process for translating the theory into a practical guide to discussing and implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives. The facilitation is built on the four pillars of psychological safety, laying the groundwork for how to create an optimal learning environment.  A JEDI facilitator has the skills to facilitate training without racializing themselves and others and help organizations transform your well-intentioned workplace policies and procedures into the space made for healthy and robust relationships.  

Our Services


Personal Development

Complete our assessment and uncover your personal philosophy of race. Start your journey with our 5-Hour JEDI launchpad. Attend tailored workshops, 

understand your philosophical stance on race and how to become a person who lives and promotes raceless anti-race(ism). 


Organizational Development

Undergo our organizational audit to evaluate your organization's current diversity and inclusion language and programs, identify opportunities for integrating deracialized language and practices.

Develop a targeted action plan to transform your diversity and inclusion language and program to align with your organization's new raceless anti-racism principles and goals.


Speaking Engagements

We like to be part of the conversation on diversity and inclusion and raceless anti-race(ism) in the workplace and community. Are you a school, business, non-profit, or municipality who wants to know more about the theory of racelessness and the JEDI Facilitation approach? Lets have the conversation.  


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