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901 Consulting, Anti racism, DEI Consultant, Racial Equity education


AAA Organizational Analysis   

Core Team Analysis | Basics

Start your journey on the right foot and pace by getting a real time snapshot of your company culture through pressure point readings. Take advantage of our partnership with BarometerXP and get a pressure reading which is a quick and easy way to measure your company culture through the nine characteristics of a thriving team.  


Company/Institutional Analysis | Advanced 

Your onboarding process includes a deep dive analysis on your company's internal and external processes, products and people. This analysis provides rich insight about team dynamics, strengths, weaknesses and threats in company culture.

Quarterly  JEDI Training  (Virtual) (In-person)

Personal Power and Leadership Development, Interpersonal Power and Relationship Management, Intuitional Power and Company Culture, Social-Political Power and Modern Culture. 

Racial Equity Culture
DEI Consultant
901 Consulting, Anti racism, DEI Consultant, Racial Equity education
Somatic Abolitionism
Advanced course
Disruptive Sustainability
Master Class

Course capacity:

10-25 Members

Strategic coaching
Strategic Coaching
(Virtual)  (In-person)

Course capacity:

1-10 Members

901 Consulting, Anti racism, DEI Consultant, Racial Equity education
Speaking Engagements
Speaking Engagements
(Virtual) (In-person)

Panel discussions, Guest speakers, Keynote speakers: 
We provide noted speakers who can educate and inform your team about the current state of racial equity in your sector and your community and support brainstorming and discussion regarding how to improve the situation and support others.

Non- Voilent Civil Disobedience direct action planning and deign
Non-Violent Civil Disobedience Direct Action Planning and Design
(Virtual) (In-person)

We provide experienced experts who can train your team in the planning and designing of a non-violent direct action protest demonstration (e.g., rally, march, sit-in, teach-in, etc.).

Training capacity:

10 -50 Members

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